Escort to events and dinners

Only calls are accepted, no text!
You can book me same day for a dinner, a strip show or combined massage! As an elite girl, I have many bookings/day, therefore you cannot call me and send me back; I used genuine pictures, I am just like there, petite and perfect shaped! For your caprice and my vanity, I wear very expensive cloth, bought from outside, here is just some common stuff since pics can be copied and used by others, but I have endowed my delicious body with very crazy pieces of sexy costumes....anyway, best part is when I am naked...that is in a perfect shape, round hard flash and all is NATURAL!

Lovely body and face

The internet market is full of obscene/ugly/fake street-girls which have brought here also very rude drug-addicted men too; I am not one of those and I expect you to sound positive and normal on handy & if you've dated a cheap girl before, you can't date me too; I can dig you up in seconds since you do not know what questions to ask.... and reveal your weakness so openly!

I am here to satisfy your vanity

I will tell you what you wanna hear in the most natural way...nothing of me is fake, my voice is real, my touch is ravishing, my body and lips alluring...how do I know what you wanna hear..it's obvious! But perhaps you enjoy silence, and that is also good, let the music play while you will get seduced by me in a strip show

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