I do not date romanians or ....

...or local foreigners with more the 1 year background here
Why not? Since you stay in the country side and I must underline that Brasov is filled with women 1/10 to men, one must local be suffering of schizofrenia or being VERY DUMB not being able to get a woman which is VERY VERY willingly! In brasov most of the men are short and nothing handsome about them, still even those which can hardly be called men are married and have kids...so how come that one with money cannot get a free date?
When you are a visitor, situation changes ! You do not know how to approach the women, and then you can call an escort without raising doubts. You pay the date as measured by time, nothing else is involved! If you are a local calling, most probably, if not being ill or stupid, you are definitively involved in human traffic, so better leave me alone if you dont want to be remembered later!

contact calling +4 0734 277 312

I do not use any text service on handy, also the hours I answer handy are 20pm-5am so night time only; your location must be a 4-5 stars hotels from brasov or areal; I do not visit cheap places, no flats in the back of a dark medieval yard as so many are on internet forgetting to show you the outside; so please do not book anything you do not see the outside if you intend to see me !

I am here to satisfy your vanity

I will tell you what you wanna hear in the most natural way...nothing of me is fake, my voice is real, my touch is ravishing, my body and lips alluring...I expect from you to give up that fake corporatist voice which pretends to be nice, but actually asking obscene questions; a guy which want to date me will give me a positive address and agree my gift; any other issues are not necessary in a country where is advised to speak as little as possible on handy since 5G is already running on all kind of electronic devices with signal and the radiation poisoning coming after 2 minutes talking is more then obvious@! Therefore, I am not unpolite, but just limit yourself to ask as few questions as possible!

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